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Air Show at Antwerp Airport 1929  


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movements now on-line

Jetairfly chooses Split Scimitar winglet

Jetairfly will fit the Boeing 737 series 800 in its fleet with new Split Scimitar winglets. These winglets have, along the upward wingtip, also a smaller part that points downwards. These use of these new designed winglets results in a 2% fuel reduction. The older winglets already resulted in a 5% reduction in fuel-comsumption compared with a similar aircraft flying without winglets.
Boeing 737 - OO-JAX is the first aircraft that received these new winglets. All other Series 800 aircraft will follow. (br)

(photo Jetairfly)
Belgian company helps KLM go digital

KLM pilots will use digital documents in the near future, thanks to the Aviobook app.
All flight information (procedures, fuel, weather,...) will be available on one tablet. This way KLM will save some 30.000 pages of paper each year. During flight the tablet will also gather all information on fuel consumption, flight duration etc. and make it available to ground operations.
The KLM contract will result in a 50% growth of the Genk based company AvioVision. The company expects to supply its app to some 3.000 aircraft by the end of the year. (db)
An historical moment

We are happy !
It took over 15 years and 3 airport commanders (Paul Paridaens, Eddy Cleirbaut and Wim Verbist) were involved but at last we got it…
During the weekend of September 14th, the runway at Antwerp airport was reopened to its full length. During the previous months, the it had been shortened due to works on the “Militaire baan”, the road at the south side of the airport. These works involved the construction of the 420 m long tunnel, which was at last implemented in order to create a RESA area (Runway End Safety Area) at the end of runway 11. This RESA was needed in order to fulfill the ICAO airport operation conditions.
The discussions about Antwerp airport and its runway have been going on for ages and these major public works are the first real big investment done since W.W.II.
The runway is now 5000 feet long and can be used over its full length; while cars and lorries no longer have to wait while a plane takes-off  or lands.
This first step in the project was done within the planning.
Road traffic will start using the new tunnel early 2016 when the approach roads and  the technical systems will be completed.
We wish to congratulate all parties involved for the professional way this project has been handled. (db)
Jetair to operate from Antwerp Airport

As from easter 2015, Jetair will fly twice weekly from Antwerp to Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Allicante. Services will be flown with Embraer Emb.190, with 112 seats. A third aircraft will be operated in order to fly these new routes. Booking will start in October 2014 on or at the local travel agent. (wvb)

17th place for Didier Amelinckx in EAC 2014
Belgian aerobatic pilot Didier Amelinckx took the 17th place in the 2014 European Aerobatic Championship that took place this week at Matkopuszta airport in Hungary. 36 pilots participated at this event. Didier flew this own Extra EA.220SC D-EXBE that is based at Saint Hubert airport. Normally next weekend the Belgian Aerobatic Championship will take place at Cerfontaine airport. (br)

VLM's technical service no longer on strike
VLM's technical personnel on strike

The personnel of the technical department ov VLM went on strike after one of their colleagues was dismissed. All arguments made by the colleagues and union members were to no avail. At present flights are still conducted according to schedule. (wv/db)
A.S.L. becomes part of JetNet Alliance Group

Air Service Liège and JetNetherlands decided to merge into an new holding, the JetNet Alliance Group. The goal is to become a major player in the European bizjet market. Both companies will continue to operate their aircraft under their existing AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate)
A.S.L. operates out of Antwerp Airport but also flies out of Eindhoven Airport. JetNetherlands operates from Amsterdam/Schiphol. Together these tow companies fly more that 30 aircraft ranging for 4 up to 20 seats. (br)
ex-Belgian Air Force Spitfire for sale
This ex-Belgian Air Force Spitfire, which starred in two movies, is put up for sale.
Price : 1.900.000 Euros (db)


russels Airport will introduce face recognition software
Starting next year, Brussels Airport will use face recognition software in order to trace false passports. A photo take by an emigration officer is matched in real time with the photo in the passport of the person involved.  At the start of this project six immigration-gates will receive this installation. This software is already in use at Amsterdam/Schiphol and London/Heathrow airports. (br)

Return of flyVLM

With a reception at Antwerp Airport, the "new" VLM colours were shown to the public. VLM has now officially returned on the market. OO-VLS was this morning baptised as City of Antwerp by alderman Koen Kennis and VLM CEO Arthur White. The aircraft made a one hours flight over Belgium to show it's capabilities to the press and VIPs. Over the next months, other aircraft will be painted in the flyVLM livery and the website will be reactivated. (db)

Alderman Koen Kennis (left) and CEO Arthur White (right) unveiling the aircraft's new name.
(photograph Dirk Buytaert)
VLM crews on strike

Due to a spontanious strike action from cabin crews and pilots, all of today's scheduled flights between Antwerp Airport and London City have been annuled.
Normal service will resume on 08/04/2014. (db)
First Antwerpen-Southend scheduled flight inaugurated.
This morning ATR72 EI-REL flew the first scheduled service between Antwerpen and Southend. Apart from members of the press, some 14 paying passengers were on board, making a total of 27 passengers. On the evening return flight there were 58 passengers and a baby.
Flight time to southend s approx. 40 minutes.
Southend has easy access to thze local railway which takes you to London's Liverpool Street station in about 60 minutes. Trains leaving every 8 minutes on rush hour and every 20 minutes on onther times of the day. (db)

Free fall simulator installed in Liège

Europe's largest free fall simulator is to be installed at Liège airport.
Sky Dive Spa organise has 30 monitors and 5 aircraft used to practise free fall skydiving.
With the installation of this simulator they create the FLY-INdoor possibility to exercise free fall in all security. (db)

More Brussels Airlines flights to Africa
With the start of the winter schedule Brussels Airlines will offer more flights to its African destinations. In total, about 9% more flights will be offered. At the same moment the service to Washington will be stopped. At the end of March 2015 Brussels Airlines intends to restart this service to the U.S. capital. (br)

VLM's rebirth

All KLM/Air France titles have now been removed from VLM's Fokker 50's. Some have had the CityJet titles removed as well, and today the first aircraft, OO-VLS, in full VLM livery came out of the maintenance hangar.
Call it sentimental, but it was a nice sight having once more a real VLM at Antwerp Airport. (db)

(photograph Walter Van Brempt)
Brussels Airlines adds Riga to its network

Brussels airlines will fly to Riga, the Latvian capital starting at the end of October 2014. There will be one daily service (except on Saturday). Today Air Baltic already offers 12 services per week between Brussels and Riga. But, as Latvia will become President of the European Union early next year, Brussels Airlines excepts a significant rise in the number of passengers between these two cities.
New bus-service from Antwerpen to Dusseldorf

Starting next Monday, 23th June, Deutsche Bahn offers a bus-service from Antwerpen to Dusseldorf Airport with an additional stop at Eindhoven Airport. This service runs three times daily and will cost around 14 euros for a single trip.

Obama in Brussels : delays possible at airport

Brussels Airport, 03 June 2014 – On 4 and 5 June the G7 summit takes place in Brussels. This summit will also attended by the American President. The arrival and departure of the heads of state entail extensive security measures. These may have a limited impact on the timing of arriving and departing commercial flights in the afternoon of both days. For questions about a specific flight, passengers had best contact their airline.
For the same reason, the airport may be difficult to reach on 4 and 5 June. On both days access to the airport by road will be disrupted at several moments. Passengers are therefore advised to provide ample time to travel to the airport.  Arriving passengers too may meet with disrupted traffic when leaving the airport.

Passengers are requested to listen to the traffic information on the radio or check the internet for more details on the traffic situation on both days. (Brussels Airport)

Swissport Belgium sells aircraft cleaning activities

Handling company Swissport Belgium announced today that they decided to sell their aircraft cleaning activities to ISS, a company whose core-business is cleaning.
In a press-announcement Swissport Belgium underlines that the wages in the cleaning sector are even slightly better than in the aviation sector. So, all personnel that will have to transfert to the new employer should benefit from this decision.
Swissport Belgium has activities, not only at Brussels airport, but also van Liège/Bierset and Ostend.
The new NH90NFH
  has arrived at Koksijde Air Base. In time, they will replace the SeaKings and their seach and rescue missions. The Ministry of defence has bought 8 units, of which 4 in NFH
(NATO Frigate Helicopter) version and 4 in TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) of which the first was delivered in 2013. (db)

(photograph Jef Pets)

No Lufthansa take-over in 2014 for Brussels Airlines
During the recent presentation of their financial results, Lufthansa announced that they do not have the intention to acquire the remaining Brussels Airlines shares during 2014. Since 2009 Lufthansa owns 45% of the Brussels Airlines shares. The Germans have the right to acquire the remaining 55% so that they will become to sole owner of this Belgian airline. They still have the opportunity to complete this transaction until 2017.

BATA goes to court

BATA, the group representing the Belgian airlines started a court-case against Ryanair. Ryanair personnel working on Belgian airports are hired on Irish contracts. As a result the company has to pay less social taxes that the Belgian airlines. BATA claims that this results in unfair competition.
Ryanair started another case against its Belgian competitor claiming that the Belgian Governmental support for Brussels Airlines, Jetair Fly and Thomas Cook also results in unfair competition.

Master crosswind landings  at EuroPilot Center

Antwerp based training facility EuroPilot Center invested in a brandnew Xwind simulator.
This allows them to offer specific crosswind landing training. It is very difficult to train this aspect of flying in a ‘real’ world. The new simulator can move ‘live‘ over a 5 meter wide virtual runway and can simulate winds up to 35 knots !! (br)

Opening Brussels-Istanbul route

On 8 may 2014 a new regular service between Brussels and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (IATA : SAW - ICAO : LTPJ) was inaugurated.  Turkish Airlines flies already five times a day between Brussels and Istanbul Ataturk Airport and adds now a daily connection to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, the second International airport in Istanbul located 35 km southeast of the city.   In October 2009 a new modern terminal was opened at Sabiha Gökçen and in 2013 it handled 11.947.424 domestic passengers and 6.694.418 international passengers.

The new connection will be flown daily with a B737. (wv)

Deal INTRO Aviation-VLM-CityJet closed

 The contract for the takeover of the CityJet Group and VLM Airlines has been signed Wednesday April 30th.
 Today Intro Aviation and VLM held a joint press conference at Antwerp Airport. Although VLM will remain an independent company within the Intro Aviation Group, it is not likely that you will soon see Fokkers in VLM livery. The company is mainly going to develop its ACMI carrier potential. (aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance). This means that they will mainly operate their aircraft on behalf of other companies and carry their brand. Main customer will be CityJet, but other companies will be looked for.

 However the management of VLM announced also that they will further develop on the charter market, where the aircraft will carry the Fly VLM of VLM Airlines brand. There is a good feeling and a strong believe that Antwerp Airport will play a prominent if not bigger role in the future of VLM and CityJet.
Emirates will start flying to Brussels Airport

Later this year, Emirates Airlines will start scheduled flights from Dubai to Brussels Airport using Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. When Emirates starts its operations, Brussels Airport will be linked with three Middle East cities. Ethiad flies to Abu Dhabi and Qatar Airways to Doha.
Emirates is a major player and this new service will make it easier to reach many (Asian) destinations from Brussels with as top at Dubai. Traveling to Paris or Frankfurt in order to start your intercontinental flight will no longer be necessary.
Antwerp Airport closed on 26 & 27 April 2014.
Work on the tunnel of the R11 ringway make it necessary to close the airport for two days. At the same time, the runway, taxiways and tarmac will be repainted. The airport will be closed to all traffic on Saturday 16th and Sunday 27th. (db)

New flagship for NextGen Aviation
Yesterday, Antwerp based company NextGen Aviation took delivery of its newest aircraft, a Pilatus PC.12 single-engine turboprop aircraft. It was delivered from Geneva to Antwerpen. NextGen already operates a Tecnam P.2006 twin and a Cirrus SR.22T. (br)
(photograph Paul Soons)

Re-birth for VLM Airlines?

Intro Aviation which has just acquired CityJet, wants to re-use the VLM brand.
The company's capital has been raised by 2.8 million euro.
Meanwhile rumour - but not yet confirmed has it that new detinations will be flown out of Antwerp, when the new VLM takes-off. (db)
New scheduled service for Antwerp Airport

Today Stobart Air announced that they will start a new Antwerp to Southend service on 3th July 2014. This service will be flown, under franchising agreement, by FlyBe using ATR.72-600 aircraft owned by Stobart Air. Initially there will be two daily flights during the weekdays. From early September a third flight will be added. Stobart Air, that also owns Southend Airport, also announced today scheduled flights to Birmingham, Munster/Osnabruck, Köln/Bonn and Reims.

This new service for Antwerp Airport was announced by Airport Commander Wim Verbist (photo right) and Sean Brogan, CEO of Stobart Air (photo left). (br)

(photograph Paul Soons)
"99 Luftballons" for JoeFM

The Belgian radio-channel JoeFM celebrated its 5th anniversary with a large hot-air balloon event on Sunday-evening 30 April 2014. This event was based on the world famous hit from the German singer Nena ’99 Luftballons’. From two launch-sites at Eeklo a total of 100 balloons flew on a beautiful Sunday-evening. 85 Belgian registered balloons participated !
New destinations from Brussels Airport
With the start of the summer season schedule, Brussels Airport has two new long-haul services to the U.S.A. U.S. Airways started a second daily service, this time from Brussels to Charlotte. This flight will be operated until 2 September 2014. Jetairfly starts a non-stop service from Brussels to Miami. This service is flown twice per week starting on 5th April 2014.(br)

Obama visit to cause disruptions at Brussels Airport

On 25 and 26 March the American president Barack Obama will be visiting our country. His arrival and departure entail extensive security measures. These measures may have an impact on the scheduled times of both arriving and departing commercial flights. Although the airport operator does not expect any flights to be cancelled, delays at certain moments are very likely. For more information about their specific flight, passengers are advised to contact their airline.
On 25 and 26 March the airport may be difficult to reach for the same reason. Both rail and road traffic to and from the airport may be disrupted at certain moments. That is why Brussels Airport advises all departing passengers to provide ample time to arrive at the airport. Arriving passengers too may meet with traffic disruptions when leaving the airport.
Traffic information on the radio and the internet may provide more exact information on both days.  Brussels Airport itself will inform the passengers through Twitter.

AIR SERBIA : new weekend flights to Belgrade

Serbia’s national carrier Air Serbia in cooperation with Brussels airport is presenting new weekend schedules in order to promote Belgrade as one of the top destinations.

Flight leaves on Friday night at 9.20pm, return flight on Sunday at 6pm, ideal to plan a romantic weekend or an interesting city trip. The company expects reach some 10.000 passengers during 2014. Besides these weekend flight, Air Serbia also offers daily flights between Brussels and Belgrade.

22 million loss for Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines booked a 22 million loss in 2013. For the fifth consecutive year the company lost money. This loss is significant less than the 60 million in 2012.
The company managed to reduce the costs with 10%. The turnover rose with 2,2 % to 1,14 million Euro. The number of passengers travelling with Brussels Airlines rose with 1,7% .
These financial results include the 15 million Euro support that the company receives from the Belgian government.  The company expects to be profitable during 2015 or 2016.

TNT Express plans expansion at Liège/Bierset

TNT Express wants to invest into its facilities at Liège/Bierset airport. This investments will result in a 50% higher capacity of the logistics center. Every night the company handles about 40 parcelflights. About 1.500 employees are working at the airport. A potential investor is Qatar Airways. This company is interested to buy 49% of the TNT Express shares. Last year Qatar Airways sold its participation in the Luxemburg cargo airlines Cargolux. They are now looking for a new partner to expand their share in the European airfreight sector. (br/js)

New Brussels to Newcastle service
Today BMI started a new Brussels to Newcastle service. They fly this route twice a day (one service on Sundays). BMI is the only carrier offering a direct flight between these two cities. Flights are performed with an Embraer Emb.145 and take 75 minutes. (br)

Bronco ready for the air show season
The newly restored Rockwell OV.10 Bronco G-ONAA is ready for the coming airshow season. The aircraft received maintenance at Wevelgem and Manston (G). At the end of 2013 it was flown to Midden Zeeland for repainting in Luftwaffe colors. On Sunday 02 March 2014 the aircraft returned to Wevelgem. We presume it is now ready for the coming air show season. (br)
More information

(photo : Bronco Team)

(photo : Henk Wadman)

This past week, FinServe Aviation signed an agreement to become part of Belgibo Insurance Brokers. Alongside Belgibo’s existing business units for Industry, Marine, Transport, Special and Credit & Political Risks, FinServe Aviation adds specialist insurance expertise for Aviation Insurance to Belgibo’s service portfolio. Operating as Belgibo’s new Aviation business unit, FinServe will maintain its own brand, services and aviation insurance clientele.
VLM's 15000th charter passenger
VLM Airlines is proud to announce its 15000th passenger on its charter flights for 2014, a new record for VLM Charters.
The happy passenger, Mr Pol Bouckaert, was on a flight from Antwerpen to Nuremberg organised by Tradefairs. VLM operated its Fokker 50 aircraft in Vizionair livery.
COO Steve Blair and Charter Manager Alix De Weerdt presented the happy passenger with a gift on his departure; an exceptional balloon flight over the region of Antwerp, departing from the airport itself.
Brussels Airport awarded best airport in the world for marketing
Brussels Airport carried off the first prize at the World Routes Awards 2014 in Chicago on 23 September. After being awarded winner of the Routes Europe award in the category of 4-20 million passengers in March 2014 and of the World Air Cargo Awards in June, Brussels Airport was announced as the overall winner at the prestigious World Routes conference and was also named as the winner in the 4m-20m passengers’ category.
In June of this year, BRUcargo was announced as the winner of the World Air Cargo Awards, the major award in the industry; a nice opportunity for Brussels Airport to position itself among the big players in the industry and to reconfirm its importance as reference airport in the air cargo sector.
(db/Brussels airport)
Publication of Jean Dillen's book on Stampe & vertongen has been cancelled, due to differences between author and editor. (db)
Ryanair to fly a Brussels to Dublin service
Today Ryanair announced that they will start flying a Brussels to Dublin service starting on 26th Oktober. They intend to fly three return flights every day. Passengers can get a flight for 19,99 Euro if they book before Monday evening !!


Busiest month ever at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport handled 2.3 million passengers in July, a historic record! The previous record, which dates back from July 2000, was exceeded by 86,000 passengers, i.e. 4 percent. Remarkable fact: this record was achieved with about 22 percent less passenger flights than in July 2000. (db)
New app developed by Belgian Aviation School
Pilots worldwide who want to get a European (EASA) license can do their studies using the brand new iPad app developed by the Belgian EuroPilot Center in co-operation with the American King Schools.
The App E-gle (EASA Guided Learning Experience) contains  loads of course material, audio material and interactive exam trainers.
E-gle can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store (search for “E-gle”) and contains a demo version of all modules.
More information about E-gle  can be found at: (db)
Douglas Bader Shell UK trophy to Renaud Thys

The Belgian Air Force F16 demo pilot, Captain Renaud Thys was awarded the Dougla Bader Shell UK trophy at the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at Fairford in the U.K.
This price is awarded to the best demo pilot participating at this event. It is the first time a Belgian pilot takes this price home. Renaud Thys flies his F16 from Florennes Air Base as a member of 350 Squadron. (BR)
Positive growth for Wevelgem airport

Over the last 6 months, the airport of Wevelgem saw an increase of more than 27% on movements and more than 25% in passengers. This is due to a positive change in the economy and visitors to the 100 years of the great War events.
Red Devils back in Belgium

Early this afternoon the Red Devils arrived back in Belgium aboard Brussels Airlines Airbus A.330. The flight from Brasil is, with more than eleven hours, the longest in the company's history. (db)

(photograph Hugo Teugels)
Close cooperation between VLM Airlines and Vizion Air

As fom today, Vizion Air has a second Fokker 50 on standby at a permanent basis. The aircraft is VLM's OO-VLO which is now flying in full Vizion Air livery.
VLM is responsable for crew and maintenance of the aircraft. The aircraft will remain on standby at Antwerp airport, the 2nd one is based at Maastricht. (db)

Brussels Airport : 3rd record month in row

In June Brussels Airport welcomed 2,083,096 passengers. Never before, the month of June exceeded 2 million departing passengers. Over the first half of the year, Brussels Airport records an 11.8% growth in passenger numbers compared to last year, driven mainly by the increased offer. The number of aircraft movements increased at a slower pace than the number of passengers due to an improved average passenger payload per flight. (ebbr/db)

Jet Airways uprade

Jet Airways - India's largest nternational airline - has decided to use its new Boeing 777-300 on the Brussels-Toronto-Brussels route. As from yesterday, 6 out of 7 flights will be operated by the Boeing 777-300. (db)
AirNav Race 2014 – first race flown at Keiheuvel today
Today, 21th June 2014, the first of three competitions took place today at Keiheuvel. There were 10 competitors from different Flemish aeroclubs. Winners of this first competition are Judith Van Wijk and Willem Rongé flying Cessna F.172N- OO-CNC. The Aeroclub Van Brasschaat also took the second place with C. Heynen and O. Vandenbriel flying PA 18-95 Super Cub OO-SPG. The third place went to a team from Vliegclub Grimbergen. The second test takes place at Zoersel on 5th July. The final contest will be flown from Brasschaat early September.

Belgocontrol comitted to green landings

Belgocontrol elaborated a working method that allows aircraft to descend gradually before they land at Brussels Airport. These so-called Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) are more beneficial for the environment than levelling off. The procedure that will come into effect on June 26th is the result of a collaboration between Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines and a number of other airline companies. (db/Belgocontrol)

World Air Cargo Award for Brussels Airport
Yesterday Brusssels airport was declared best freight airport of 2014 at the  World Air Cargo Awards in Shanghai. With 650.000 ton of freight per year, Brussels airport has a key-role in the international freight business. (wv)
Red Devils to Brasil
The Belgian national football team, the Red Devils left Belgium today for Brasil were they will compete in the World Football Cup competition. Brussels Airlines Airbus A.330 OO-SFO received additional titles and stripes for this special flight. This morning the aircraft left Brussels Airport for a flight to Sao Paulo with a fuel-stop at Dakar. The (special) flightnumber used was SN2014 ! (br)

(photograph Yves Deliens)
Busy days for Pieter De Crem
Another new aircraft for the Ministry of Defence was presented to the press today.
The new Airbus A321 will be used as troop transport, evacuation aircraft and VIP transport. The new aircraft has a capacity of 152 passengers and 40m³ of freight. (db)

(photograph Jef Pets)

April beats all previous records

With nearly 1.9 million passengers handled, Brussels Airport records the best month of April ever. Air cargo volumes too continue to grow.
Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company explains:
“It is for the first time that we beat the historical record figures of the year 2000. A strong performance at the end of a very difficult economic period. In April of this year, we carried slightly more passengers than in April 2000 but with a third less aircraft.“

In April 2014 Brussels Airport recorded 1.9 million passengers, up 16.6% on April 2013.  Cargo
Cargo too continues the growth pattern of the previous months. In April, the cargo volume carried again increased by more than 6%. Integrator traffic, e-commerce, the transportation of pharmaceuticals and perishables in particular are performing well.
With 19,665 flights, the number of movements grew by 7.1% compared to April 2013. Since a few years, the increase in the number of flights has been systematically lower than the growth in passenger number. Due the use of on average larger aircraft and the improvement of the load factor per aircraft, the average number of passengers per passenger flight once again increased. (db)


Personal service for Etihad passengers
Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways launched a new extra service for First- and Business class passengers.
They can use the Etihad Chauffeur service for transport from or to the airport. This service, that is also available at Brussels Airport, can be used by Etihad Frequent Flyer member with Gold Elite , Gold or Silver status. They can use up to four free taxi-ride in one flight ! (from their home or office to the airport, two rides at their destination and a final ride back home !!) (br)


Very successful Antwerp Aviation Fair 2014

This year’s edition of the ASA Antwerp Aviation Fair, organised by our group in the Stampe & Vertongen Museum hangar was a very well attended.
We are really pleased with the number of visitors. This was certainly a lot higher than the previous year. It is always good to see (and speak) to a lot of A.S.A.-members. Thanks to all visitors and everyone offering aviation related material on the different stands. A special thanks to the small group of A.S.A. members that prepared the hangar and cleaned it after the event. During the day they manned the entrance, the bar and the A.S.A.-sales-stand. Your work is very much appreciated! (br)


Parking more expensive than airline ticket!

The results of a recent study show that de Belgian airport car parks are very expensive. Parking at German or Dutch airports is less expensive than leaving your car at Brussels or Charleroi airport. Parking your car for one week at one of these airports will cost you between 80 and 90 Euro’s. And… so the airport car park is, sometimes, more expensive than a low-cost airline ticket !!


Fly from Brussels to Iceland
This Thursday, May 1st, Icelandair restarts its scheduled flight from Brussels to Reykjavik. During May and from 25th September till 23rd October there will be two weekly flights. During the high summer season 4 weekly flights are planned. Roundtrip tickets are available from 267 Euros.

Hawker Fury baptised

The Hawker Fury at Antwerp was officially baptised and presented to the public during a well visited reception at the Sky Park hangar.
It has also been confirmed that the Fury will be on display at the Antwerp Stampe Fly In on May 31st and June 1st, 2014. (db)

Douglas DC.8 flight sim coming to Saint Ghislain ?

Eric Verlie and friends are working on the purchase of an ex Flying Tigers DC.8-63 flight simulator. At this moment they are raising 10.000 dollars needed to ship this simulator from Texas to Saint Ghislain. There it will join the cockpit of Sabena DC.10 OO-SLA and a Boeing 737-400 cockpit procedure trainer. More info on

Direct flights Brussels to Rome with Vueling

Vueling is now offering direct flights from Brussels to Rome this gives one the possibility to fly to the entire Mediterranean area in an affordable way the company's hubs in Barcelona  and Rome.
The Spanish airline today opens the first of seven new direct from Brussels ... Rome !  With a network covering 122 destinations Vueling offers its travellers an alternative of choice at affordable prices. (wv)
Jetairfly flies to Praag
Last Friday Jetairfly started a new scheduled service from Charleroi airport to Praag. This service is offered three times every week

Liege Airport leads African Market

Liege Airport successfully continues its cargo development. ANA Airline Management has decided to base its cargo fleet at Liege Airport as from 29 May 2014.
There will be 5 flights a week on a regular basis. In addition, there will be charter flights and humanitarian flights. For Liege Airport, these operations represent an increase in the volumes transported of at least 30,000 tonnes per year, or a growth of over 5%. Imports will be essentially perishable products (flowers, fruit and vegetables).
The arrival of ANA Aviation will lead to the creation of 80 direct jobs and at least 200 indirect jobs.
Most of the flights will be operated towards Central and Western Africa. This will strengthen the position of Liege Airport on this continent. (db/Liege Airport Press release)

CityJet sold

Air France will sell daughter CityJet to German Intro Aviation. The company finally decided to take up the offer. This means that VLM is now also in German hands.
Intro Aviation specializes in restructuring airlines and then sell them - in reduced form. In 2003 the company bought Deutsche BA for 1 euro from British Airways and the sold it to Air Berlin. CityJet was put up for sale by Air France-KLM in September 2012. It has a fleet of 38 regional airliners (mainle RJ85 en Fokker 50) and performs 480 flights per week throughout Europe. (db/ps)
Hawker Fury engine tests

The Hawker Fury FB.10 VH-ISS which has been in restoration at Antwerp airport for over 2 years has made its first enginetests and completed them with success. (db)

(photograph Walter Van Brempt)

Lecture on Louis De Brouckère

 After years of resaerch, Jan Lantmeeters has published his boek “Léon de Brouckère. Belgisch luchtvaartpionier”.
This is the story of a balloonist, aircraft constructor and pioneer at the beginning of the Belgian aviation history.
Jan will give a presentation on April 24th (7.30pm) at the auditorium of the
Toegangspoort Kattevennen Cosmodrome
Planetariumweg 19-19
3600 Genk
Please register in advance via or
 +32 (0)89 65 38 14.

The book will be on sale (29,50 eur) or kan be ordered via

Brussels Airport Award for Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways won the Network Development Award at the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards. Qatar received to award for the growing number of flights out of Brussels and being the first company to introduce of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


More than 30.000 visited the first Flemish Aviation Day which was organised at the Flemish airports and airfield.
We at Antwerp were the first to get the visit of Minister president Kris Peeters and minister Hilde Crevits, who gave the kick-off at 9am.
They had a walk through the main building visiting all the different stands and were given a short flight over Antwerp to get them in the mood.
It was beautifull though exhausting day for all volunteers who did all they could to make this a successfull event. (db)


(photo Dirk Buytaert)
Tunnel at end of runway in new phase

As from 8/3/2014 all traffic on the R11 road (Militaire baan) will pass over a new parallel road. This is new road has been constructed so that work on the tunnel at the end of the runway can start. Work will be done mostly during the night as no large matrial such as cranes can be used during opening hours of the airport (7am-11pm). The construction of a tunnel became necessary as the airport needs to install a RESA in order to be compliant with safety regulations. The RESA zone will be implemented on top of the tunnel and will go as far as Fort III. (db)

(photo : Hugo De Backer)






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